About Us

Andvari means “careful one” in Old Norse, and thus a careful attitude drives our approach to research and investing.

doug-photoDouglas Ott is the owner and founder of Andvari Associates. After graduating from law school in 2009, he joined an Atlanta-based investment firm where he worked for over three years as an analyst and portfolio manager. Doug founded Andvari in 2013 to manage his own assets and those of other like-minded clients as well as to provide occasional research services.

Andvari was a character in Norse mythology whose name means “careful one” and who also accumulated great wealth. As such, Andvari takes a careful and concentrated approach to investing whereby we thoroughly investigate each opportunity and then commit capital to only the best of them. We think this is the best approach to our goal of providing above-average returns with below-average risk.

Lastly, we are passionate about our work. Whether it’s reading hundreds of pages of filings related to mortgage putback litigation or finding the assessed values of multiple properties across multiple states, we thoroughly enjoy solving the puzzles put to us by our clients and by the markets.