“Traditionally the investor has been the man with patience and the courage of his convictions who would buy when the harried or disheartened speculator was selling.” –Benjamin Graham & David Dodd

Andvari follows a value-based philosophy in managing investment accounts. We seek to understand a business from top to bottom so we can make an accurate assessment of its true value. If the business is selling in the marketplace at a discount to its intrinsic value, we will likely invest in that business. We will sell an investment if we believe the market price has reached our estimate of intrinsic value or if we believe there is a more attractive use of that capital.

Fees and Minimum Account Balance

To become a client of Andvari, we generally prefer a starting account balance of at least $100,000, but we are willing to make exceptions under the right circumstances

Our fees are negotiable, but for equity accounts we generally charge 1% on the first $2 million and 0.75% on amounts above that. If you’re interested in a fixed income account, we will select an appropriate bond fund and only charge 35 basis points on the first $3 million.

Equity Accounts

First $2,000,000 1.00%
Amounts above $2,000,000 0.75%

Fixed Income Accounts

First $3,000,000 0.35%
Amounts above $3,000,000 0.30%